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Assistance in investment of ready business projects, start-ups (StartUp). Registration of residence for companies.

We work with budding entrepreneurs (start-up projects) and also with an existing firms, helping not only with financial resources but also expertise in many industries, as well as providing access to a wide network of business contacts.

Investments - investments of equity for profit. Venture capital - capital of investors which is intended to finance new, growing or struggling for a place on the market of enterprises and firms, and therefore coupled with a high degree of risk; long-term investments in risky securities or enterprise, in anticipation of high returns. Venture capital is usually associated with innovative companies.

StartUp - a company with a short operation history. Typically, these companies have recently been created and are in the stage of development or research perspective markets. The term became popular in the start time of dotcom (.com) bubble, when it was created by a huge number of internet companies. New projects in high-tech industries are often called high-tech startups. The "startup" term is used for all sectors of the economy. The example of information technology and Internet projects, IT-startups called the new company, only appear or planned to create. IT-startups are not tied to aggressive marketing and PR-techniques aimed at rapid promotion company. IT-startups can be created for long term and with greater time to market (for example, the creation of a product within two years, and only after that enter the market and promotion).

Our extensive contacts in a professional business environment, and experience with the exchange, venture capital and the investment community make it possible to provide our business customers include start-up companies a comprehensive service for finding and attracting of investment.

Our services for fundraising / development projects:

  • carrying the input of expertise of funded business intentions (Quick Financial Feasibility Analysis);
  • consulting of documents development for investors and banks;
  • organization of project financing (find investor / business angel);
  • consulting support during implementation of the project;

The scope and structure of advisory for financing start-up projects founders may vary depending on several factors: category of the founder, the product development phase, the size of the business being founded, the amount of financial need, etc. These factors affect the content, complexity and scope of individual phases our consulting process.

1. Preparatory stage

2.  Development

3. Implementation

Quick Financial Feasibility Analysis: 

  • expertise of funded project
  • expertise of documentation for investors
  • optimization of prerequisites for funding
  • deciding on further steps
  • concept of financing,
  • recommendations on adjusting of documentation for investors
  • preparation of professional handling to investors and banks
  • organization of financing (search for an investor)
  • support for working with investors and banks

Sources of funding for startup project

We attract funding for the Start-up from the following sources:

  • Venture capital;
  • Support government programs (funds);
  • Private equity

Fundraising work in start-up project:

  • Analysis and revision on the usual format for investors of existing materials (business plan, financial model)
  • If necessary, carrying out additional market(s) research with help of marketing experts and technical specialists
  • Preparation of presentation materials for investors
  • Preparation of a list of potential investors and sending them project presentation
  • Negotiations with interested investors
  • If necessary, supervising the process of legal due diligence and evaluation of project
  • If necessary, project protection on investment committee / board of directors of a potential investor
  • Structuring of deal, together with the lawyers (investment agreement, negotiation of the company's value, rights and guarantees of the parties)

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