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Qualified legal assistance (services of a lawyer/ attorney, jurist). Representation in courts of general jurisdiction

The lawyer / jurist - your reliable representation in court. Representation in court - participation as the client's representative in the proceedings in order to protect its rights and interests at every stage of the proceedings. Be competent petition to the court on their own - not an easy task. Legal representation and participation in the trial for the layman usually seems incomprehensible and unpleasant procedure. The process of review of your claim in court is the key to resolving the dispute.

Pre-trial settlement of disputes

Our attorneys (lawyers) advise clients on opportunities and mandatory pre-trial settlement of the dispute with the counterparty. We will help you prepare claim letter and negotiate with contractors. Our experience shows that the correct approach a considerable number of disputes settled without recourse to judicial protection.

Representation in courts (general jurisdiction, arbitration)

Before going to court it is extremely important to assess the prospects and progress of the proceedings. The key to success is choosing the right way to protect the violated rights. We help analyze existing documents and develop a strategy for judicial remedies in order to maximize the client's chances of winning. Our expertise and years of experience ensures a high level of procedural documents and the conduct of the case in court.

In the scope of our expertise includes the following categories of disputes:

  • protection of civil rights of consumers, copyright;
  • recognition of property rights through the court on estate;
  • legal support of real estate deals, real estate partition;
  • registration of real estate objects (ownership rights);
  • corporate disputes, protection from raiders' attacks;
  • disputes of investment contracts and contract agreements;
  • contesting of acts / inaction the state and municipal government authorities;
  • disputes relating to the recognition of transactions void;
  • tax disputes (appeal against the tax authority decision on collection of taxes, to bring to tax liability);
  • disputes concerning the recovery of damages, the application of measures of responsibility, recovery of lost profits;
  • disputes arising from the placement of orders for goods, works and services for state and municipal needs;
  • disputes relating to the recovery of property from unlawful possession; elimination of obstacles to the use of property; recognition of property rights (including to unauthorized construction);
  • obtaining a residence permit, citizenship registration;
  • family, inheritance cases;

Enforcement of judgments

Obtaining a positive result for the client is the actual execution of judgment in his favor. In collaboration with our partners, we provide search the debtor's property and work closely with the Bailiff Service at the stage of execution of the decision.

Our legal services

We provide professional assistance in civil cases in the sphere of economic activity, investments, with a real estate deals. We represent clients in the public and regulatory authorities. Effectively protect the interests of clients in litigation, from the stage of pre-trial preparation and ending with the execution of a judicial act.

Gained professional experience of legal proceedings, allows to speak that you can trust us. To solve all categories of disputes in courts of general jurisdiction or arbitration, we approach with a sufficient degree of "immersion into material" and circumspection, recommend to our principals best options for their benefit.

Our main criteria - professionalism and partnership with clients!

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