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Any procedures relating to change of ownership of real estate (donation, sale) must be completed by state registration of transfer of ownership

Registration of title to an apartment / non-residential premises

Ownership of property occurs for owner only after making the appropriate entry in the Unified State Register of Rights (the Unified State Register). That is why necessary to collect all the documents package for registration, provide the Registrar. The state registration of ownership of real estate is the only proof of the existence of the registered right. Еhe only legal opportunity to challenge this right is just by court order.

Necessity of registration of ownership of the property occurs in the following cases:

  • inheritance,
  • real estate deals,
  • exchange or donation,
  • construction of the object, if the property is not registered in the state registry of rights (new building),
  • rent of residential property for long term,
In case of errors in documents provided by the future owner will be able to refuse to allow the registration of ownership. It may be caused by several reasons: the provision of incorrect information, the provision of incomplete set of documents, improper execution of documents, arising of doubt the authenticity of the registrar of documents available on the object being registered arrest or prohibition of certain transactions and other.

Refusal of state registration of ownership of real estate or evasion of the relevant state registration authority may be appealed by the interested party in court.

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